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Divorce can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences a person may face during their lifetime. However, with the right attorney on your side, you can make educated decisions, work to resolve issues as amicably as possible, and complete the divorce process in an efficient and effective manner. Whether you need to address the legal issues involved in dissolving your marriage or make post-decree modifications to meet your family's changing needs, an experienced family law attorney can help you reach a positive resolution to your case.

At the Law Office of Sherby Dianne Scurto, P.C., we can help you navigate the divorce process, ensuring that you meet your legal requirements and that your rights are protected. Contact us at 630-873-3559 for assistance with:

  • DivorceDivorce (Including High-Asset and Military Divorce)
  • SeparationLegal Separation
  • AllocationParental Allocation & Parenting Time (Formerly Child Custody & Visitation)
  • SupportChild Support
  • MaintenanceMaintenance and Spousal Support
  • DivisionComplex Property Division
  • RelocationRelocation
  • PaternityPaternity & Fathers' Rights
  • ModificationsPost-Decree Modifications

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Divorcing couples must address a wide variety of legal issues before they can dissolve their marriage. Attorney Scurto works with her clients to resolve these issues amicably without the need for costly, time-consuming litigation in court. With our help, you can reach a positive outcome and prepare for success in your life after divorce.


Asset and Debt Division

Property acquired during your marriage must be fairly and equitably divided between you and your ex-spouse. Attorney Scurto can help you understand the extent of the assets you own and the debts you owe, and we will work with you to reach an agreement about how to split this property in a way that protects your financial interests.


Spousal Support

If one spouse earns more than the other, or if a spouse decided to stay home to care for children or perform family duties, spousal maintenance (formerly known as alimony) may be awarded following divorce. Attorney Scurto can advocate for your rights regarding maintenance and help you determine the correct amount and duration of spousal support in your individual case.

Child Support

Children are entitled to receive financial support from both their parents following divorce. In recent years, the laws in Illinois have been updated to reflect the reality that both parents often work to support their family. The amount of child support payments is based on the income earned by both parents and the number of children being supported. In some cases, the amount of time children spend with each parent may also have an effect on the amount of each parent's child support obligations.

Parenting Time

What used to be known as "visitation" is now called "parenting time" under Illinois law, reflecting the importance of the time that children spend with both parents. The amount of parenting time awarded to parents in a divorce case is based on a variety of factors, including each parent's history of performing caretaking duties for their children in the previous two years. When determining parenting time arrangements during divorce, you need a strong advocate on your side who can protect your right to maintain a close, ongoing relationship with your children.

Relocating With Children

New job opportunities or other changing circumstances may require parents to move to a new home, and this can have a major impact on parenting time and parental responsibilities. When a parent wishes to relocate with their child, they must demonstrate that this relocation is in the child's best interests. Attorney Scurto provides experienced representation in child relocation matters, working to protect your parental rights, whether you are planning to move or want to ensure that a proposed move will not negatively affect your relationship with your children.

Allocation of Parental Responsibility

Illinois law now refers to child custody as the allocation of parental responsibilities, and it identifies four areas of responsibility: healthcare, education, religion, and extracurricular activities. These responsibilities may be divided between parents or shared by both parents. During your divorce, Attorney Scurto will advocate for your rights and work to ensure that you continue to play an active role in making decisions for your children, allowing you to maintain an ongoing presence in their lives.

Post Divorce Decree Changes and Enforcement

Your life is likely to change in a variety of ways after your divorce has been finalized, and changing circumstances may require a modification of your divorce decree. You may wish to modify your parenting plan based on your children's needs or your work schedule, or changes to your income may require new calculations for child support or spousal maintenance. Attorney Scurto can advocate for your interests in any modification requests.

Ex-spouses are required to follow the terms of a divorce order, including abiding by parenting time schedules and paying court-ordered support. If your ex is not meeting their obligations following your divorce, Attorney Scurto can help you understand your options for enforcing your divorce decree.

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Attorney Scurto was a blessing in my life. I was at a point of hopelessness and despair in my bitter and ugly 2 year custody battle with no ending whatsoever. It was a constant battle between my old lawyer and his lawyer. I had used up my savings and borrowed a lot of money, but no results other than another hearing, trial, and GAL meetings. From the first time we met, Attorney Scurto has been nothing but upfront with me. She told me how she would proceed with my case, what to expect, and the outcome of the ruling. She settled my custody case, finalized my divorce, and fought for my old lawyer’s fee petition. Not only was she able to do this in less than 6 months, but she kicked butt and won! I will forever be indebted to Attorney Scurto for giving me my life back and for not taking advantage of the situation for her own financial gains. Attorney Scurto is the best in her profession, and I cannot say enough great things about her as an attorney.

- Anne

Right from the start, Sherby showed that she is not only your lawyer, but someone who cares and wants to see a positive outcome. She is truthful and very knowledgeable and doesn’t like to waste time. She truly helped me with my out of state removal case, and after less than 6 months, I was able to move to my new home in Texas with my daughter. She dissected my case and made sure that she covered every angle. I truly appreciate everything she did, and I would recommend her to anyone I know that needs a family lawyer…Her professionalism and knowledge of Illinois laws will speak for itself.

- Kimberly

Attorney Sherby Dianne Scurto was extremely attentive from our initial phone consultation to our very last meeting. She is and was above and beyond responsive and prompt with following up. Not a single e-mail or phone call was left unanswered, and she kept her word every time. Highly knowledgeable in her field, I felt at ease 100% of the time with Attorney Sherby. My case was handled not only with high professionalism, but also with just the perfect dose of warmth, smiles, and a GREAT sense of humor. She is and was always looking out for her client’s best interest no matter how difficult the issue. I can honestly say she is not only an amazing attorney who takes care of business promptly, but an individual who can be trusted. I highly recommend Attorney Sherby.

- Jen

I wanted my divorce to be simple and over with as quickly as possible, but Sherby made sure to help me be aware of what I was legally entitled to and if it was worth it to pursue those things in lieu of a quick dissolution. She was knowledgeable, friendly, and always quick in getting back to me. She made the process quick, easy, and easy to understand, and I greatly appreciate it. I would absolutely recommend her to those who need help with their divorce, especially those who have a spouse in the military. She understands the special needs of those who have served and who have spouses who have served/are currently serving. Having to work around that can complicate things, but she knows what she is doing.

- Satisfied Client