Sherby has been an amazing lawyer. She has become a real good friend in our family. Sherby has an amazing personality and will only speak the truth. She has demonstrated time and time again of her incredible knowledge towards law. She doesn't like to waste time and she is very professional. She has an amazing track record at the court houses. I'm very fortune to have her as my lawyer. She has proven to me and will prove to you, that she's the right choice when choosing an honest lawyer. Many lawyers focuses on their pay check. Sherby focuses on you. She does her due diligence like no other. Sherby Scurto overcomes all hurdles. She is the right choice for legal matters.


Sherby did an excellent job at handling my legal matter. She was extremely succinct, efficient and effective. She also went the extra yard for me to ensure that a past open ended issue was corrected and directionally set. GREAT WORK!


To begin with, attorney Sherby Scurto is like a "heaven-sent" angel to me. Before I hired attorney Scurto I had a child support case handled by 2 lawyers that lasted a year between them without any kind of success whatsoever in my opinion. Needless to say, I was very unhappy on their services . After almost giving up on finding a family law lawyer whom I can trust to represent me on my case, then I found attorney Scurto via a professional legal network and hiring her was one of the best decisions I've ever made on my family law issue. Attorney Scurto is very professional and highly-skilled as a family law attorney. She finished and closed my case very fast and I was very happy with the result I got. She definitely is a "life-saver" to me on my case. FYI, she came aboard to my case during the time that I almost lose my trust and respect with family lawyers, but she made me believed again to a family law attorney as she is a very professional and very caring lawyer to her clients. How I wished that I had found her earlier to handle my family law case from the beginning. I highly recommend attorney Sherby Scurto to families and individuals who have family law problems and concerns because she deliver results to her clients that are fair and just. Now I know why she's one of the rising stars on the Super Lawyers network because she truly is a super family lawyer and she really deserves it as far as I'm concerned. Count me in as a very happy and satisfied client of hers. I'll be forever grateful to her very attentive, professional, and great legal service that's absolutely second to none!


Attorney Scruto was a blessing in my life. I was at a point of hopelessness and dispair in my bitter and ugly 2 year custody battle with no ending whatsoever. It was a constant battle between my old lawyer and his lawyer. I had used up my saving and borrowed a lot of money but no results other than another hearing, trial, and GAL meetings.

From the first time we met, Attorney Scruto has been nothing but upfront with me. She told me how she would proceed with my case, what to expect, and the outcome of the ruling. She settled my custody case, finalized my divorce, and fought for my old lawyer's fee petition. Not only was she able to do this in less than 6 months, but she kick butt and won!

I will forever be indebted to Attorney Scruto for giving me my life back and for not taking advantage of the situation for her own financial gains. Attorney Scruto is the best in her profession and I cannot say enough great things about as an attorney.


I must begin by saying that I am so very THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE for the Legal Representation of Mrs. Scurto, for my past Legal Matter. She is, by far, first and foremost, very honest, intelligent, and professional. In addition, her sharp knowledge of Military Law is very impressive as well, and is an asset! Her approach to my legal matter was done with diligence and above all, dignity. Her communication with me was consistently factual and kept me informed with the important and precise details of the matter at hand. Being thorough and on top of all of the significant elements (regarding my legal matter) also helped me feel fully confident and pleased. As a result, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mrs. Scurto for anyone who is in need of Honest and Professional Representation (Military or Civilian), from a lawyer who is hardworking, and ABOVE ALL Intelligent! In the end, her knowledge is to be commended and my experience with her exceeded on all levels. As a Client, Dignity and Respect ensues--she sets the standard. Very Happy and Satisfied with the Results! Thank You Mrs. Scurto.


I would whole-heartedly recommend Sherby D. Scurto for any case. From our very first conversation, she made me feel comfortable while explaining the entire process and discussing our options for my son’s case. During his whole court process, I felt confident knowing all the planning that went into it. In addition, her follow up work afterwards is a real sign of a professional who cares. I am strongly recommending her to anyone going through any court procedures no matter how small or how large. She is a winner!


I was represented by Attorney Scurto in a divorce/child custody case and would recommend her to anyone in need of an attorney. Sherby has many qualities that make her an excellent attorney. She is extremely knowledgeable about Illinois law and was very thorough with all the needs of my case, this was especially important because I have a son with special needs and it was imperative that the custody and visitation was taken care of correctly. Sherby has excellent communication skills and always kept me abreast of the case and what was occurring with it. She also responded to all emails or phone calls quickly and always used excellent judgment on decisions that needed to be made. Sherby guided me through the divorce process and was also a person that I could talk to, and rely on, through that difficult period. I also found Sherby to be a no nonsense attorney, who truly had my best interests in mind. She was very strong and did not back down, but at the same time did not drag out the process, therefore saving me money and having my divorce process end in a very timely manner. I still seek her advice for any legal issues that have surfaced since the divorce was final. I have the utmost respect and regard for Attorney Scurto.


Attorney Sherby Dianne Scurto was extremely attentive from our initial phone consultation to our very last meeting. She is and was above and beyond responsive and prompt with following up. Not a single e-mail or phone call was left unanswered and she kept her word every time. Highly knowledgeable in her field, I felt at ease 100% of the time with Attorney Sherby. My case was handled not only with high professionalism, but also with just the perfect dose of warmth, smiles, and a GREAT sense of humor. She is and was always looking out for the her client's best interest no matter how difficult the issue. I can honestly say she is not only an amazing attorney who takes care of business promptly, but an individual who can be trusted. I highly recommend Attorney Sherby.


Sherby is someone who can be trusted when it comes to Family Law. I would sincerely recommend her when it comes to dealing with matters of a painful divorce.


Attorney Scurto is very passionate, thorough and dedicated. She gives you a since of ease with her knowledge and expertise. She takes on each case with a personalized touch. She handled a child support case for us and she was able to go into the court and gain favor. We were very pleased with the outcome. If your seeking an attorney that is not just out to make a quick BUCK, look no more. Attorney Scurto record speaks for itself. She is indeed a Rising Star.


I found Attorney Scurto to be very responsive and informative. She is organized, direct, no non-sense with use of time. I found her to have sound moral character and honest.


I appreciate that Sherby Dianne Scurto seemed to have even more determination than I had to make sure that my case was closed was with the urgency that was needed.
She takes the time to really know her client. Her experience leads her to also knowing the next move of the opposition. She "profiled" my ex-husband better than I did even after being married for over 20 years.
I would recommend Sherby Dianne Scurto to anyone that is looking for a lawyer that is efficient, caring, and determined to keep your best interest as a top priority.


Sherby is a great individual. She helped my family tremendously. I will always thank her for that. She was caring and compassionate towards my feelings. She handled issues in a timely manner. Had a great sense of humor and was never condescending. I love Sherby!


Sherby is a great lawyer and one I can recommend without reservation. In the past I had used a "big gun" attorney for my divorce and child visitation issues. They did not have a personalized approach and really did their best to bill as much as they possibly could. Sherby is very reasonable in her approach and will tell you when you do not have a legal battle that can be won. This is important: as a client we need to hear the truth, and not a restating of what we want to hear. At first this can be difficult to swallow, but in the long run her expertise is worth so much and prevents a lot of needless arguing and ensuing acrimony. Above all, she has the needs of the children in mind, which distinguishes her further as an excellent lawyer and good person besides


Sherby Scurto is a very effective Attorney who did a very good job with my Divorce. She is knowledgeable, and is a "fighter" for her client's rights, and what they deserved. I would highly recommend her.


I would highly recommend Sherby Dianne Scurto. As a matter of fact, my ex-husband thought so highly of her, he recommended her to a friend. She is thoughtful, considerate, knowledgeable and very personable. She made me feel at ease and offered valuable advice and support, before, during and after my divorce was final.