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Taking care of your children in the best possible way is the ultimate goal of parenthood. At The Law Office of Sherby Dianne Scurto, P.C. it is our mission to remain fair and keep the children's best interests in mind during any and all family law cases. Residents of Oakbrook Terrace, DuPage County and surrounding counties can rest assured knowing that all cases will be handled in honesty and fairness.

A compassionate attorney who is also a mother understands what you and your family are going through and wants to make your case as stress-free and equitable as possible.

How do I establish fatherhood / paternity rights?

How do I establish fatherhood / paternity rights?

When a child is born to parents who are unmarried, the father is not automatically guaranteed rights regarding their child. Many DuPage County clients find this shocking, but the reality is that the court needs to know the identity of the father before granting rights and obligations on that person in relation to the child.

Fathers must establish paternity in order to have any legal authority in a child’s life and the right to custody and visitation. Mothers must also comply with legal determination of paternity if they want to seek and enforce child support.

How to establish paternity in Illinois:

  • Being married to the mother of the child at the time of birth or shortly thereafter
  • Signing an acknowledgment of paternity form at or after the child’s birth
  • Filing a successful petition for paternity with the court and/or taking the required DNA tests

The Law Office of Sherby Dianne Scruto, P.C. helps clients convince the court to officially acknowledge paternity and enforce parental rights in court.

Child Support Representation

Child Support Representation

Child support payments are widely determined based on Illinois guidelines. However, deviations may be allowed for changes in circumstances, such as when a parent is struggling to make ends meet or when there is an adjustment or change in parenting time.

As a DuPage County child support attorney, Sherby D. Scurto knows the guidelines, what variations are available and what to expect in terms of support amounts. The Law Office of Sherby Dianne Scuto, P.C., provides full representation to residents of Oakbrook Terrace and DuPage County, IL.